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About The Art of Basketball

Can you dribble equally well with either hand?
Can you dribble without looking at the ball?
Can you execute a crossover dribble?
Can you move to your right or left equally well?
Can you shoot layups with either hand?
Can you shoot accurately from 10-15 feet on either side of the court?
Can you make 70% or more of your free throws?
Can you throw an accurate chest pass, bounce pass, overhead pass?
Can you get position for rebounds and box out under the boards?
Can you react quickly enough to play effective defense and avoid fouls?
Can you set an effective pick?
Can you execute a pick and roll?
Can you move intelligently without the ball?
Can you handle the ball when pressed or double-teamed?
Do you have the stamina to finish a game as strongly as you started?

The above are just a sample of the basic skills I would expect a fundamentally sound basketball player to have.

Unfortunately, few players today have enough of these skills.

However, I GUARANTEE that if you will put in the time and effort to develop these fundamental skills, following the guidelines I give you in "The Art of Basketball," you will be able to compete effectively at a much higher level than you now do.

A player with solid fundamentals will always have a place on the court. For one thing, your game is multi-dimensional rather than one-dimensional. Whatever your team needs you to do to win, you can do it - whether it’s shooting, ball handling, rebounding, defense, moving without the ball. You play your role in response to the needs and capabilities of your teammates.

I call this book "The Art of Basketball" because I believe basketball IS an art. I love the game, because it requires intelligence and constant split-second decisions as well as athletic skill. If you treat the game with respect, and learn to play it as it should be played, you will enjoy the game even more, and you’ll be able to take pride in what you’ve done.

And as you get better, you will come to understand that there will always be areas in which you can improve!

Thank you for considering "The Art of Basketball." I think you will enjoy reading it and following its guidelines as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

-Oscar Robertson

Note: Illustrations in the book are in black and white.

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