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(Current as of September 2011)

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“My basketball career changed the day I lay my hands on The Art of Basketball. It changed the way I think on the court, the way I practice, and my self-image as a basketballer. I need to read this amazing book again. Thank you Big O, for giving our generation this great gift!” – Joseph Chinedu, Chariot basketball club, Lagos, Nigeria

“I loved Oscar's first book [Play Better Basketball, the original version of The Art of Basketball] when I was a kid, and used it all the time. I hope the word continues to spread about The Art of Basketball, as it's such a comprehensive, yet easy to understand book. It has been a big hit with our team. The parents were expecially impressed and appreciative. And of course I reference its ideas all the time in our practices.” – Denny Krause, Head Coach, Wyoming (OH) Ballers, 7th grade recreational boys basketball

The Art of Basketball books are presents for two of my basketball playing daughters, one in middle school and one in college. The one in college also intends to coach. Personally, I think today's coaches (especially the lower levels) fail to teach fundamental skills. When I was a little kid, I remember my dad bringing home a book entitled Play Better Basketball by Oscar Robertson. I was an Oscar Robertson fan and loved the book. I also remember the book was totally about the fundamental skills of basketball. I'm sure this book will have a lot of the same things.” – Chris Bosch, Rockbridge, Ohio

“Think you have mastered the game of basketball? Think again. Oscar Robertson's "The Art of Basketball" is the report card by which all basketball players at all levels are graded. For any player wanting to learn the fundamentals of the game, there is nobody better to learn from than the most skilled player to ever play: Oscar Robertson. This book should be in the library of every player, coach, or casual fan of basketball (like myself). This book teaches all the fundamentals that are relevant to being a fundamentally sound basketball player. The book also includes a daily practice checklist of all the fundamental skills to be learned. This book allows players to borrow from The Big O the skills he used to average a triple double over the course of both an entire season and his first five seasons in the NBA. In an era of deteriorating basketball fundamentals, any player that can master the skills of this book will have a tremendous competitive advantage and will be an invaluable asset to his or her team. A must read.” – John Deramo, Oologah, OK

“Want to learn how to play basketball or just improve on your skills now? Then pick up a copy of Oscar Robertson's The Art of Basketball. Everything you need to begin playing basketball or being able to push your current skills to the next level of competition is in here.” – Ken Lindsay, 

“I love this book!” – Eric Musselman, Former Coach, Sacramento Kings 

“I like the fact that you teach kids the game.” – Jared Sears, Winchester, Indiana 

“Thanks Big O for such an awesome book.” – James Leach, Cincinnati,Ohio 

“This is a good book to teach our son how important team play and mental attitude are, beyond the explanation of how important the fundamental skills are. Thanks for writing this book!”
Kim Gonchoroff, Oxford, MI 

“This is the finest basketball guidebook and teacher of the game I have ever laid hands on through all my years of coaching. I have used this book to teach in secondary schools, university and professionals with great success. It helps me talk basketball with confidence and mastery. Many children who have passed through my basketball school continue to call on me for assistance, thanks to The Art Of Basketball.”
Ifose Emile Mbella, FIBA Africa Youth Coach, Yaounde, Cameroon 

“We bought the book for our son so he can teach his son the right way to play basketball. Thank you!” – Donna Maxie, Crothersville, Indiana 

“I never saw any player in any sport master their game like Oscar did basketball. Since I’m going to teach my boy (age 5) the game, I think it would be wise to [have] some instructions myself from the best player I’ve ever seen, past or present.” – Danny L. Smith, Loogootee, Indiana

“Your book really helped to spark my sons’ interest in practicing and working to improve… I can see now that the advice you give will be a huge help to them.”
– Charles Reichhoff, Virginia Beach, Virginia

“There is no better gift for a young player than The Art of Basketball.”
– Frank Delonjay, St. Louis, Missouri 

“My son Randy is a sophomore, a 6’6” center/forward… he worked really hard this past year and with the help of your book, improved not only his skills through the basic fundamentals you talk about, but has also improved his confidence in his game, and has been rewarded with a starting varsity position.” – Randy Kessler, Newburgh, Indiana 

“I’ve been running a youth basketball program for ten years and continue to play in a (younger) men’s league as I approach my 50th birthday… I saw the book at the NBA Store in NYC and the chapters have a great mix of technique and principles. I think it’s just perfect for our ‘no-look, between-the-legs, above-the-rim” generation. Just how to play and enjoy this wonderful game.”
– Dr. Barry Panzer, Brooklyn, New York 

“I tried to do everything in it [Play Better Basketball, the original version of The Art of Basketball] and I still have it. It’s really good.” – Kenny Davis, 1972 Olympian, Kentucky Sports Hall of Famer, alltime leading scorer at Georgetown College

“I learned to play basketball off of Oscar’s first book [Play Better Basketball]. When I saw he came out with a new one I purchased it so that my children can improve their skills from Oscar just as I did… when it comes to teaching fundamentals, there’s no one better than Oscar Robertson.”
– Joe Niehaus, Lebanon, Ohio 

“I was touched by your references to the importance of a healthy lifestyle to achieve one’s goals. Your message to female students who aspire to be athletes was inspirational. I am sure that Milwaukee’s youth… will benefit from your gracious spirit…”
– Kathleen M. Houston, City Librarian, Milwaukee Public Library

“I highly recommend this book as a coaching tool. I found it very helpful in teaching young athletes the game… I especially like the way Oscar keeps the emphasis on fundamentals… every kid who plays basketball or wants to improve their game should have a copy.”
– Jenny Clark, Arcanum, Ohio 

The Art of Basketball is a joy to behold! I have coached young children in basketball for years, and Oscar's book is a wonderful primer in fundamentals, skill development and team building. Just as Oscar played the game and lives his life, he demonstrates the ability to create a team that can far exceed the sum of its parts. I look forward to bringing to a new generation what Oscar Robertson taught me about how basketball serves as a microcosm of life. Play hard, share, win and lose with dignity. Thank you Oscar for all you have done and continue to do!”
– Andy Snyder, Vermont Department of Education, Montpelier, Vermont 

“Robertson also instructs young readers on how to condition themselves both physically and mentally so that they can perform at their maximum potential...Believing that every player can improve through practice and dedication, Robertson...encourages the reader to treat basketball as a discipline...The Hall of Famer also encourages young girls to "follow your dream"...Robertson continually points out the importance of dedication, focus and balance in basketball and life...In a book dedicated to the art of a sport called basketball, Robertson's message about the art of life could be the most valuable.” – Shelly Gepfert, "Huddlin' with the Pros!" ( 

“Oscar's book covers everything an aspiring player should know, both the how and the why. Youth coaches can easily extract more than enough material for a season-long course on fundamentals. At the conclusion of our season, I wanted to stress that… all their hard work was just the prelude to becoming really outstanding players. So, rather than give our team trophies, we gave copies of Oscar's book. A youth basketball player could hardly have a better gift.”
– Andy Peterson, founder of and coach in Carmel Thunder, AAU youth basketball program, Carmel, NY; also coaches CYO basketball in Carmel 

“I’ve coached basketball for some time and have been attending clinics, listened to a number of legendary coaches and read countless books, yet Play Better Basketball -- and I still have my copy signed by Oscar -- is the book I refer to when I have a question on the fundamentals of the game. I’m sure today’s youth will get a great deal out of The Art of Basketball…”
– Steve Garbus, Fort Lee, New Jersey 

“In order to understand the details of a painting, one seeks the advice of an artist. In order to understand the game of basketball, you may want to seek the advice of one of the game's most successful players/artists...the artist is known worldwide as The Big O. The book is entitled The Art of Basketball.” – Mark Brown, Cincinnati Herald 

“...a valuable self-improvement guide for young men and women of all ages and skill levels. Players, coaches, teachers and parents will appreciate the instruction, insights and encouragement Oscar Robertson offers on every page. Fans will enjoy learning more about the nuances of the sport from one of the greatest players ever to set foot on a court.”
– Newsletter, Black Caucus of the American Library Association 

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